About Cannacite

Cannacite was created to help patients navigate the medical marijuana market and find the right strains and products. Search for Despensaries and products and see how they have worked for other people and if they will work for your needs.

How it Works


For Dispensaries: Sign up for an account and list all your medical products. You will get a dispensary profile page where you can promote your business and the products you offer. Once your page is complete, visitors can learn about your products and see the reviews of other visitors. Your customers can also become contributors and share their own experience. Visitors can also rate other reviews that they found helpful.

For Reviewers: Want to share your experience with medical products and help others to find helpful information about products they seek? Here is your chance. Sign up as a contributor, and make your review of products that you have used and give feedback to others. Earn coupons for contributing!